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    Recycling Recycling

    Why reuse printer cartridges ?

    • Conserve natural resources -minimize the amount of materials used, such as plastic, steel, aluminum, and rubber.
    • Reduce the use of energy -to produce a single new toner cartridge, approximately 3 quarts of oil are burned.
    • Reduce materials that are landfilled -by reusing or recycling approximately 97% of a toner's components, these materials are kept out of our landfills.
    • Support strong recycling markets -by purchasing remanufactured toner products, you are supporting toner recycling programs.
    • Pursue cost savings -a remanufactured toner cartridge averages cost savings of 28% per inkjet cartridge and 33% per laser cartridge.

     There’s an alternative to throwing out spent cartridges: recharging them with new toner or ink. Toner Plus can rebuild used toner cartridges with new drums and other essential parts.

    Non-degradable plastic cartridges are potentially destined for landfills. But when you recycle the used ones and buy
    re-manufactured cartridges, you prevent waste from accumulating in landfills. As an added incentive, purchasing re-manufactured cartridges will often cost less than purchasing new “virgin” cartridges.

    What cartridges can be reused ?

    All ink jet and laser cartridges should be collected for reuse.

    You may like to call Toner Plus and ask us to supply you with a used cartridge collection box. Once the box is full we will collect it free of charge and we will pay you for any empty Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) laser cartridges.

    Printer & IT Equipment Recycling and Disposal ?
    You may like to call Toner Plus and ask us to remove any of your old redundant office equipment. With our affiliates we are able to recycle your redundant and broken equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Ask our representatives for more information.